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1st Chakra Mantra

  • I trust my inspiration and give my project the means to grow safely. 

  • I’m clear about what my course will bring to its participants. 

  • I believe in the value of my own experiences and that the lessons I have learned can serve others and extract the essence of it to build the structure of my program.

  • I nurture every aspect of my life so that abundance becomes natural in my field.

  • I know that I and the Universe have my back and that if my Soul planned for this co-creation with the Universe, it also planned a successful and enriching experience.

This program is for you if

You are an alternative or holistic therapist, coach, healer, lightworker, or in the personal growth or health industry.

You want to create your website yourself using standard templates from a website provider or already have a web designer.

You want guidance on what to say and organize your content but don’t need copywriting support.

You want to learn the basics of SEO so that your website appears very fast on search queries for your type of services.

You want a website aligned with who you are, your philosophy, and your way to interact with your clients.

You would love to use simplicity to ease your life.

Christel Mesey - Website Content Creation Challenge

What’s included in the program

XX Videos

5 to 20 min. per clip

Personal work

Reflect & Implement

XX Meditations

XX min audios

Creativity mission

Let your Soul speak

 XX Light Code Caps

5 to 10 min audios


Mobile friendly

Work from anywhere


Work at your rhythm

The curriculum

  • What’s your Website’s purpose

  • Define your branding

  • Who are your clients /visitors

  • What visitors are looking for

  • Word your content for the right ears

  • Express yourself authentically

  • Gather the data you need

  • Map your services

  • Right amount of information

  • Structuring information

  • Speaking about your services

  • The basics of SEO

  • Hacks to improve your referencing

  • Speak about you

  • How to contact you

  • Bring your followers to your Website.

  • Blog writing

  • The power of gifts

  • Newsletter or not?

  • Manage multilingual Website

  • Promote your Website


I want to access the challenge for only 84$

Website Content Creation 21-Day Challenge
Website Content Creation 21-Day Challenge