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Light Language & Channeled Meditations

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What Light Language is?

The Light Language is a form of channelling using sounds to convey energy activations, liberation and inspiration.

It connects directly with your energy and Soul to activate parts of you that are dormant or release internal resistance to change.

The potency of the LIGHT LANGUAGE is that it is a gentle and subtle way to help your being reactivate itself.

While emotions might sometimes arise, they will be here to clear our shadow and resistance.

Refund policy

As this meditation comes with a downloadable mp3 version of the content, no refund is applicable.

Can I play the content in group settings?

No, it is for your consumption only. Should you want to make a public session out of this content, please contact the author out of respect for her work and the time and love put into crafting this content, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channelings.

Medical Disclaimer

This content should not be seen as medical advice.

You are responsible for your health and for the doctors and medicine you want to connect with.

This does not replace therapies.

The content does not interfere with any medical treatments.

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