Learning or Activating at your own pace

Let’s be real; whether it is learning new competencies or activating energetic pathways, you want to do it at the right time for you!

Maybe your best time is in the morning or middle of the night. Maybe it is weekends or moments when my calendar is full or unavailable.

Whatever your timeline is, it deserves to find a space where you can get the support or the inspiration you need.

The self-study program is made precisely for that. The cherry on the cake is that it allows me to share with you content at sweet prices so that whatever your budget you can find tools to grow.

Discover all the self-study and at-your-own-pace programs.



Business Expansion

Your business is an EXTENSION OF YOUR ESSENCE, but it is also an entity in itself.

Your business is a vibration, a message or a practice that wants to incarnate to support others. And your Soul, your Essence, is excited to co-create with this entity as you share values and vision.

Our job is to find out how to be the best ambassador for our business. The program below will help you connect with its frequency, with the people you can serve best and integrate some know-how to help you activate your business owner’s full potential. 

Some programs blend technical information, channelling from my guides and Light Language, while others are more practical. Enjoy!


ORACLES are a great way to be playful regarding self-exploration and empowerment.

I was surprised to discover that the pull of cards of the online version was as potent as the paper version.

It encouraged me to publish both my oracles digitally. However, if you like the physical feeling of shuffling cards, the DRAO oracle deck is available in the shop, while ZOIKOS is not yet available in a paper version.

In the shop, you will also find a print-at-home card reading journal.


Light Language

LIGHT LANGUAGE and SOUND “MEDICINE” will take you on a journey to ACTIVATE your energy, RELEASE some emotions or RECALIBRATE and RE-ALIGNE yourself.

Making the most of my vocal cords and instruments to convey activation or healing sounds according to a theme inspired by my GUIDES.

The potency of the LIGHT LANGUAGE is that it is a gentle and subtle way to help your being reactivate itself. While emotions might sometimes arise, they will be here to clear our shadow and resistance.

You can access past recordings or register to be informed about the next live sessions.