It is now time to build YOUR TEMPLE made of YOUR TRUTH and YOUR ESSENCE so that you can feel ALIGNED and CONFIDENT while walking your path.

And it starts today with bringing back PEACE within you!

YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY IMPACTS YOU, be it the people around you, a situation, or a global event; we are all influenced by our surroundings and what we consume, no matter the amount of personal work to set boundaries (or protect ourselves). The truth is we live on the same planet, and she, too, is impacted by her inhabitants as much as her evolution is touching them.

While you cannot control instantly what happens around you, we can INFLUENCE HOW IT IMPACTS YOU!

With this LIGHT LANGUAGE meditation, I’m bringing forth a cleansing channeling to help you SHIFT YOUR ENERGY TOWARD PEACE when you witnessed ANGER, which was not directed toward you but still messed up with your emotions, nervous system, or energy.

Clearing Environmental Anger From YOUR Energy Field is a great way to reverse the pollution that other people’s ANGER could have on you!


You may wonder…But that is their anger, not mine! Why should I be the one cleansing?

Seat with yourself for a minute…

  • Did that external anger energy make you feel like crawling back to safety?
  • Did it create an outburst of sadness, powerlessness, or even upset you?
  • Did you feel anxious or stressed during the rest of the day (or even a few days)?

Then it impacted you!

And that is totally normal; we are all connected and share energy all day. Even the hermit on the deep end of its cave feels the energies of the society as we are all sharing the same planet or home. And that planet gets impacted too.

As my fellow Swiss would say, our responsibility is to clean our house and front porch because if everyone does it, the streets will be almost clean.

The same applies to energy. When you clean your energy, first, it feels good and allows YOU to REGAIN CALM & INNER PEACE. Second, seeing you peaceful may inspire others to bring peace for themselves, which will, in turn, make you experience a calmer environment in the long run. How cool is that!

But let’s get back to you!


What if you could regain your peace and calm, your happy mood faster by tuning in with this meditation?

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LIFE TEMPLE - Cleansing Environmental Anger

Your light bearer for this journey

Hi, I’ll be your guide for this journey.

My name is Christel Mesey and I am a multi-dimensional being (as we all are). In the scope of this program, I will be bringing to the forefront my energy healing and channeling facets.

I have reconnected with these parts of me over a decade ago. It was time. My life (and some beliefs) crumbled down to take a new turn. It was time for me to reconnect with who I was meant to be and not what I believed I was supposed to be.

It was uncomfortable at first and fear, as well as doubts, were my daily bread back then. Yet, deep down, I knew it was taking me on a beautiful journey. And it did.

I reconnected with my own energy, self-love, and self-recognition and developed my healing and channeling capacities. They lead me to more understandings and unfolding of who I am. And they also guided me to my community, the people I resonate with and can keep on growing with.

It is difficult today to imagine that I used to believe that life was a sentence or punishment. Now I know it is an adventure and I cherish every day of it. What a change!

I wish you a beautiful journey with this program.

Love & Light


Do I need to listen this meditation in special conditions?

When it comes to meditation, you definitely don’t want to be driving or doing something that requires your attention. Ideally, you want to create a quiet space for yourself for about an hour so that you can enjoy the meditation and journal after it.

Can I play the content in group settings?

No, it is for your consumption only. Should you want to make a public session out of this content, please contact the author out of respect for her work and the time and love put into crafting this content, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channelings.

Refund policy

As the content is digital and you get direct access to it, no refund will be taken into account.

Medical Disclaimer

This content should not be seen as medical advice.

You are responsible for your health and for the doctors and medicine you want to connect with.

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