5 Days to UNLEASH your CREATIVITY and allow your SPARK to SHINE BRIGHTER.

It is time to get out of the gestation mode and get in motion! But to get in motion, one needs to feel motivated and free to move forward.

When proposing this series, my guides were playful by choosing Fool’s day to record the live to help us release self-judgment and censorship when bringing our projects and ideas to life.

“We would like you to connect with your uniqueness and quirks to see that your essence also resides within those quirks and uniqueness.”

“For some of you, it will be accepting those differences; for others, it will be a way to allow more of it in your expression. Your journey will be about unleashing your creativity so that you can expand a bit more your wings and true expression.

It will also help you channel your different ideas and give them structure and some good grounding so that you don’t get distracted by the number of ideas that come into your realm (whether yours or others).

It will also help you to channel your creativity in the way that can serve you best (through the guidance of your Soul and intuition).”

I’m pretty excited about this one! As a creative, I definitely need a bit of that focus to concentrate on the right idea at the right time!

But you may be more interested in the part about removing self-censorship or acceptance.

Or perhaps you want to create something and could benefit from stimulation or inspiration from your guides.

So if you feel called by one, some or all of the above, it is time to make this program yours!

What do you get when buying this JOURNEY to UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY for only 77€?

The live sessions are currently in process; see below the program appearing after each recording. You can still join the live sessions until the 3rd of April or choose to buy the program to enjoy the recordings.

Day 01

CLEAR the SACRED CHAKRA from past lifes and transgenerational CENSORSHIP around CREATIVITY. CONNECT with YOUR SOURCE of CREATION. 

CLEANSING the pathways to your CREATIVE CENTRE. OPENING pathways to adjust to EARTH upgraded frequency. 

Day 02

Remove the distraction from the invisible energies moving around you to be more present to yourself. Hold the energetic container for yourself and its integrity. Remove the distraction from the mind, fears, and self-doubt. 

Day 03

Connect to your center of expression, to the expression of who you are through your essence. Reopen the doors of your essence. Receive a gift from your inner child and presents that your Soul feels that you are ready to open. Seat on the golden throne of your life (like an empress or emperor).

Day 04

Connect with your collective, the one you are meant to inspire or work with through your creations, the one you are co-creating with.

Day 05

Connect with Lady Moon and let her help you give birth to a part of yourself that will enhance your creativity coming straight from your source. 


Making the most of my vocal cords and EARTH INSTRUMENTS to convey healing sounds to help you reconnect with your essence.

It connects directly with your energy and Soul to activate parts of you that are dormant or release internal resistance to change.

The potency of the LIGHT LANGUAGE is that it is a gentle and subtle way to help your being reactivate itself.

While emotions might sometimes arise, they will be here to clear our shadow and resistance.

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LTS - Unleash your Creativity 2023

The meditations created a space for me to release and heal what was going on in my life; one even felt like receiving a giant hug. I know now that I am figuring out who I am for myself and not who I am for everyone else.

Bree Mehann

I got something back in one of my meditative journeys that made me feel complete again. The interesting thing is that before that moment, I was not aware a part of me was missing. Getting it back, though, was pure joy. Now I can use this in my life and work.


After each Light Language session, I felt more and more at home, and many remembrances clicked in throughout the days. In the weeks after the sessions, I saw myself cutting ties with all the illusions created by the mind, getting in alignment with everything that was coming from the heart, and realizing that what was not true could no longer be sustained in my reality.

Rosa Brisos

Your light bearer for this journey

Hi, I’ll be your guide for this journey.

My name is Christel Mesey and I am a multi-dimensional being (as we all are). In the scope of this program, I will be bringing to the forefront my energy healing and channeling facets.

I have reconnected with these parts of me over a decade ago. It was time. My life (and some beliefs) crumbled down to take a new turn. It was time for me to reconnect with who I was meant to be and not what I believed I was supposed to be.

It was uncomfortable at first and fear, as well as doubts, were my daily bread back then. Yet, deep down, I knew it was taking me on a beautiful journey. And it did.

I reconnected with my own energy, self-love, and self-recognition and developed my healing and channeling capacities. They lead me to more understandings and unfolding of who I am. And they also guided me to my community, the people I resonate with and can keep on growing with.

It is difficult today to imagine that I used to believe that life was a sentence or punishment. Now I know it is an adventure and I cherish every day of it. What a change!

I wish you a beautiful journey with this program.

Love & Light


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No, it is for your consumption only. Should you want to make a public session out of this content, please contact the author out of respect for her work and the time and love put into crafting this content, and the personal dedication needed to reach a point where she could become a conduit for these channelings.

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