If marketing makes you feel itchy and prevents you from promoting your services or offers for fear of becoming a product pusher, you are my tribe!

More seriously, I don’t know about you, but coming from a place of service, the word “sales” does not resonate much with my heart. “Sales” made me think about manipulation, fear of lack, and somehow selling myself (or my soul). In short, it felt dirty.

Moreover, when writing or recording videos, I was getting caught up in my mind trying to respond to what I thought people wanted to read or hear and different marketing theories (that quite often poked my values).

As a result, creating sales pages or even a webpage speaking about my offer felt forceful and daunting, even if I knew that, in this digital age, word-of-mouth needs the support of a page where people get the time to connect and make a decision. It required a lot of energy just to think about creating them.

Does that sound familiar?

So how to sell or book clients when your mind play tricks and your value system clashes with your perception of what a sales page it?


That was the regular whisper from my guide… Connect…

It took me a while to get out of my head: the should and the must… but I finally my guide’s message sunk in.

Before considering the word “sales,” your page is a CONNECTION page.

Think about it for a second.

When hoping on a webpage, you connect or disconnect with what is said, how the images look and even how colors make you feel.

That connection or disconnection made you stay or move away from a web page.

What if I told you there is more about your connection?

There is a RESONANCE between your needs and the solutions offered.

And the truth is your conscious need wasn’t the only one resonating with this page!

Your entire being was receptive to its vibration, emotions, value system, present and past experiences, and maybe even your soul resonated with that page.


Just like some songs or sounds make you dance or run away, the energy of your sales page will make some hearts dance or move to another website.

Your sales page has a vibration or frequency that will speak to your visitors’ emotions, beliefs and filters and resonate with what you share or disconnect.

Ready to connect with your offer’s vibration to become its best messenger?

The program

This program will take you on a journey made of LIGHT LANGUAGE and CHANNELLED MEDITATIONS to explore and feel your offer. You will be invited to JOURNAL (in written or audio form) to INTEGRATE your experience. This will, in turn, help you to gather the words, sentences, colours or images you need to create your page more fluidly. And the cherry on the cake, you will likely deepen the energetic container that it already is, and some might even see clients showing up before they even finalized their page (like some participants did).


To make the most of this program, I’ll give you some basis. Connecting with your intuition and your guides will help you a lot in this journey, yet if you are not familiar with it, you will find the two recordings to help you understand what it is and connect with your guides.

Your offer energetics

Connect with your offer essence and let it speak to you. You will then understand why it chose you as an ambassador for its message and goodness. At the same time, you will start gathering words, images or even complete sentences that will help you later create the atmosphere of your page, the colour scheme and the text of your page.

Your energy

As sensitive or empath, holding space could become overwhelming (and preventing you from actually promoting your offer properly). This chapter is about ensuring space for self-care and feeling your energy so that you can sense better when to set the healthy boundaries you need (with others and/or your own generosity).

Your collective energy

Meet the people who will benefit from your offer! connect with the collective aspirations, needs, or expression of the collective you can serve. You will gain a better understanding of who they are which will help you in turn to speak to them naturally (such easier to speak to someone who feels familiar).

Your Sales Page energy

Let’s move from the ether to the matter! It is time to collect all the goodness you experienced and journal around in the previous module and turn it into your sales page. You will find educational information about online behaviour, visual energy how it translates in a webpage, and the art of conversation. You will also get a check list to ensure your page creates connections.


Now that your page is ready, you want to communicate about it and not only once! So how to find inspiration and feel at ease when you are not used to it? That is what I’ll share in this bonus. I’ll also share a SEO insight module to inspire you and maybe demystify some aspects.

  • Connect deeply with your offer’s vibration to bond with it and extract the messages to share and disseminate.
  • Integrate that you are a potent and legitimate messenger for your offer and release self-doubts or impostor syndrome.
  • Consolidate your offer’s energetic container by clearing out self-imposed pressure.
  • Set up the right framework to ensure your boundaries and values are respected.
  • Connect with your collective, and discover and integrate why you are the right person for them.
  • Find your words more easily when it comes to speaking or writing for your audience.
  • Build a strong energetic container so that your offer can take its rightful place in the universe.

That’s exactly what I need!

While doing all of the above, you will experience shifts, gain clarity and maybe even see clients “knocking at your door” unexpectedly, just like some of my clients experienced.

This beautiful side-effect is often the manifestation of your alignment and the alignment of your message, whether it is published or visible digitally or not.

The truth is, the more you connect with your offer’s message, the more you speak about it naturally. When people ask you what you do, it becomes easier to own what you do and talk about it joyfully and naturally.

You become an embodied version of your offer and emanate a sense of anchoring that often leads to trust, curiosity, and connections.

And it is the same with social media or sales pages. The more you bond with your offer, the more you will speak naturally about it, like anything or anyone you love.

Why did they love their experience?

That’s exactly what I need!