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Zoikos Oracle Online Experience

In Greek, Zoikos means “that which concerns the living” it usually refers to the animal kingdom, but the truth is, we are part of that kingdom as well, even if we sometimes feel separated from it.

This oracle came to me as a gift—a roadmap of self-understanding and reconnection—with the wisdom these beautiful animals wanted to express through me. It is not a definitive guide on spirit animals, nor an ultimate truth. It is simply what these animals wanted to say through my voice today.

This 33 cards deck comes with an inspirational booklet where each animal has three nuggets of wisdom to share to inspire you, and support your inner work and reflection, thus supporting your growth and evolution.

What’s more?

The Zoikos universe is filled with goodies, you will discover in the program that you can buy the paper version of it but also purchase T-shirts or Isotherm bottles with your favorite spirit animal quote!

Your light bearer for this journey

Hi, my name is Christel Mesey.

I am a multi-dimensional being (as we all are) who loves offering growth and empowerment tools to humankind. I am a serial creator, author of the Drao Oracle and the Zoikos Oracle decks, and designer of several items that will help you balance the energy of your house or workplace.

My art is the key activator of my channelings. It allows me to retransmit a series of images, thoughts, words, and sometimes sounds coming from an energy of love that wants to support your evolution and awakening.

All my creations are inspired by my personal work on myself, understandings, and evolution, they are not an ultimate truth and you should take them as an inspiration to trigger your own reflection and integration.

I feel honored and humbled to be inspired by the loving energies teaching me and helping me to grow and I am happy to share them with you today.

Best regards,