Time to get a neutral website assessment?

When creating our website, we often see our project from the inside. We know what we are speaking about, and sometimes we know it so well that we forget to speak about the basics that our clients could need to make a decision to work with us or buy from us.

If you are anything like me, you asked family or friends to look at it, and they either found it great and had many compliments or had a truckload of suggestions that either created more doubts or were irrelevant despite their true desire to help you.

That is why I created the website audit offer!

If you feel you need someone to give you pointers on what works and what could be improved, I am your girl!

To do so I’ll wear my designer glasses, as well as my copywriter hat.

I’ll then send you video feedback with pointers to help you fine-tune your website.

So, what will I audit on your website exactly?

It is a video-recorded feedback about your website where I’ll provide you with constructive pointers to help you validate or improve your website on the following points:

  • Does your website speak to a specific audience/clients?
  • Is your offer clearly articulated?
  • Is there enough/too much text?
  • Is the content engaging?
    • Is your branding consistent?
    • Are the fonts easy to read?
    • Is it mobile friendly?
    • Are the images and layout conveying the right message?
    • Is it dynamic and engaging?
    • Is the navigation easy and clear, or do I get lost in a maze?
    • Does the amount of information lead me to contact or buy from you or learn from the wealth of information you created but rarely become a client?



      Expect 5 working days (Mon. to Fri.) to receive your video-feedback.

      You will receive the video link via email. Therefore I recommend you add my address to your contact (I’ll share it with you on the confirmation page).

      I’d love a website audit, please!

      Website Audit