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  • Haziel – The Alchemist
  • Katia – The Torchbearer
  • Sophia – The True Essence



  • Cosmic Spider


Words that came through with this drawing

From us came the different worlds.
From us came Earth.
We brought it Light and Fire.
We brought inner peace and internal conflicts.

We didn’t anticipate human emotions to be more impacted by internal conflicts than peace.
It was part of the surprises of the experiment and became the source of great learning and teachings so we let it unfold through time.
However, it is time for a new experiment to be seeded by reversing the balance and letting inner peace take the lead.

On a personal level, you can create change for your future and your children’s future.

You may not see the planetary shift of that change within your lifetime but you will feel and see the shift within you and it will expand around you in its own time.

Carry the torch of inner peace for you and by living and embodying it you will extend it to others.

Inspiring rather than trying to convince…
Embodying without preaching…
Being without imposing…
This is the peaceful way that will diffuse inner peace.

Ritual invitation

Katia is the torchbearer and therefore calls for fire. She invites you to light two candles.

The first candle symbolizes your inner wisdom and flame, when lighting it up, you want to take a pause and acknowledge yourself. You want to take the time to celebrate your inner wisdom, even if you don’t know what it is made of yet, your soul is there as well as your higher self. Therefore, you want to be grateful for their presence and support and build a bridge so that they can be even more present and so that you can hear or feel them when they guide you and trust their guidance.

The second candle symbolizes what you extend to others, and it invites you to observe if you are extending more energy to people and situations in your life than to yourself. But you also want to observe if you are often taking without contributing or giving back. What you want to celebrate and percolate within you is a balance that makes that you give yourself equally to the energy you give to others and that you give equally to what you receive (even if it is not to the exact same people).

Expanding your reflection

Katia's story

Some illustrations are giving me their name. It is rare but it happens so when they do, I tend to look at the origin of the name to learn more about their energetic imprint and the keys they want to offer us.

KATIA is one of these.

Her name comes from the greek “katharos” meaning PURE and the goddess Hecate. When channeling this card, I was on Aegina Island where there was at some point a cult to Hecate believed to cure people with mental illness. The term mental illness could well cover pathologies but I tend to believe it was mainly covering depression, anxiety, and other fabric of the mind that can cause extreme pain.

Hecate was said to be the torchbearer helping Demeter to find back her daughter Persephone after her abduction by Ades, the king of the underworld. Therefore, she used to be considered the guardian of crossroads.

She had a light and a shadow side both capable of good and evil as we humans all are even if most of us want to believe that we are only good (we all hurt someone even unintentionally at some point so we are both good and a bit dark and that is ok). You may explore the story of Hecate on the web or on libraries if you feel called by her but I will come back to the energy of this specific image here.

So when connecting with Katia, the “pure,” you want to connect with both your dark and light side and learn to recognize them. You may want to be a light embodiment, and that is beautiful, but you have to face your shadows, your fears, your manipulation games (with yourself or with others), and your neediness or outburst of anger as much as you want to embrace your light. Only then you can start a journey of real empowerment and healing as you will agree with yourself to be the torch bearer of your light and dig and clean your inner underworld to find your original essence (pure).